Associate in Science Degree

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The Environmental Science option is a scientifically and mathematically rigorous program that provides a strong foundation in the sciences and introduces students to the interdisciplinary breadth of environmental science through a selection of core courses dealing with the geographical, physical, social, and living environments. It is designed for students who want to focus on scientific careers in fields such as conservation biology; climate and the atmosphere; pollution prevention and abatement; aquatic environments; or ecosystem protection, restoration, and management. This program requires significant field work, lab work, and other data-oriented work. The Environmental Science option is a transfer program that meets the requirements of the SUNY Environmental Science (Biophysical Track) Transfer Pathway. Upon successful completion of this coursework, a student should be well-positioned to finish their degree with an additional two years of study at another SUNY transfer college.

Total Credit Hours: 64

First Semester

CF100 College Foundations SeminarCredits: 1.0

EN101 English 1: CompositionCredits: 3.0

MA125 College Algebra & TrigCredits: 4.0

BI141 General Biology 1Credits: 4.0

CH141 General Chemistry 1Credits: 4.0

Take any Physical Education Course

Second Semester

EN102 English 2:Idea&Values LitCredits: 3.0

MA150 PrecalculusCredits: 4.0

BI142 General Biology 2Credits: 4.0

CH142 General Chemistry 2Credits: 4.0

Take any Physical Education Course

Third Semester

MA151 Calculus 1Credits: 4.0

HI101 History of Civ 1Credits: 3.0

BI105 Environmental ScienceCredits: 4.0

Business Management Electives should be selected from the following: BM101, BM110, or BM115

Social Science Elective should be selected from the following: PY101, SO101, or AN101

Take any Physical Education Course

Fourth Semester

BI202 or GL101Credits: 4.0

MA110 Elementary StatisticsCredits: 3.0

PH151 or PH261Credits: 4.0

Take any Physical Education Course

GE Electives should be selected from: EN197, GE101, HI102, HI103, HI104, HI111, HI112, FL101, HU183, HU187, HU188, HU204, HU227, HU228, HU295, SO207, TH193, TH195, or any Foreign Language.

Program Recommendations:

It is recommended students coming into this program have had at least two years of high school mathematics, or the equivalent, and two years of laboratory science. High school biology, chemistry, and physics are recommended.

A mathematics course lower than MA125 will not count for graduation within the program; moreover, a student needing to take one or more of those courses may not be able to graduate within two years. Students with math placement scores higher than MA125 may substitute a higher math for MA125.

(a) Social Science Business Management Electives include: BM101, BM110, or BM115.

(b) Social Science Electives Include: PY101, SO101, or AN101.

(c) General Education Electives include: GE101, HU280, or any Foreign Language.